Posts made in June 2020

Riding the Bus and Social Distancing

Houston Airport Transportation ServicesReady to make your way to the airport? Last year, the trip might have been easy. A quick call to reliable Houston airport transportation services could get you a ride without worry. Now that leaving the house means possible exposure to COVID-19, however, there are many extra steps to consider. One of the most important is how you keep yourself appropriately distant when you need to ride the bus. At Republic Charters, we know all about that issue. As a leading local  Houston airport transportation service, we’ve put together a few tips to help you travel with care and confidence:

  • Board Carefully – Inside the bus itself, it’s usually manageable to keep your distance. When you’re getting on and off, however, there’s usually only one or two places to go. Keep an eye out for other passengers and understand that boarding might take a little extra time.
  • Judge Your Distances – A smart charter company will already have marked seats or staff helping to sit six feet apart. In the event that you don’t find the guidance you need, though, it’s important for you to know what six feet really looks like. Do some measuring and make sure you can gauge the right distance down the line.
  • Come Prepared – Distance goes a long way, but it works best combined with masks and hand sanitizer. Consider these essential when planning your trip.

How to Prepare for a Trip in 2020

Houston Airport Shuttle BusHouston Airport Shuttle BusWith the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 still rocking the world economy, travel today is a radically different prospect than it was at the same time last year. Health concerns, government restrictions, and public anxiety can all have a major impact on how you prepare for a trip. Before you book your spot on a Houston airport shuttle bus, make sure you’re ready to travel with care in the post-coronavirus world. Use the following guidelines when you’re considering a visit that requires crossing long distances:

  • Know Where You Can Go – If you’re still planning a trip, be mindful of current travel restrictions. Certain regions may not be accepting flights, and you never know when an outbreak might make it difficult to get back home.
  • Carry Safety Supplies – Masks, hand sanitizer, and other personal protective gear can make travel much safer for both yourself and others. Treat these as essential items, and don’t cram into an airplane without them!
  • Maintain Distance – From the Houston airport shuttle bus to the plane itself, companies should be enforcing social distancing. If they won’t, do so yourself. Remember, it’s your wellness on the line, and exposure to COVID-19 could add an extra two weeks of isolation to your travel plans.