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COVID-19: What to Do While Traveling as States Are Opening up

Bus to Airports in HoustonThere is no getting around the fact that the novel coronavirus will leave an impact on people and society for quite some time. As local, state, and government officials continue to manage the spread of the illness, it has become the responsibility of individuals to band together and uphold public health initiatives.

The health advisories issued at the start of the pandemic are still relevant today: wash your hands frequently, minimize physical contact, and keep your distance from others. At the same time, everyday operations like travel from bus to airports in Houston, TX, will remain a facet of the economy. When you must travel, what can you do to keep you and others safe?

Travel Tips

First things first: decide if traveling is absolutely necessary. Buses and airplanes will require you to remain in a confined space with strangers for hours on end. As such, your risk of being a vector will increase substantially. You have to decide if going on vacation now is a good idea. If travel is work-related, you may want to request remote options or postponing whatever it is you need to do.

If you do have to travel, it is crucial to wear a mask. Studies have shown that wearing a mask drastically reduces the spread of respiratory droplets, the primary vehicle for COVID-19 to spread. While wearing a mask might not necessarily protect you, it will most certainly help those around you.

Public Health is Everyone’s Responsibility

While travel might be unavoidable, whether riding the bus to airports in Houston or even on foot, there are ways that you can stay safe in these changing times. Be sure to get in contact with your travel providers to learn what they are doing to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.