The Benefits of Planning at Trip with a Charter Bus – Part 3

Charter Bus Service in HoustonDid you think we were done listing reasons why our charter buses are great? Here is another list of great reasons why you should get a charter bus for your next trip:

  • Travel Green – Did you know that traveling by bus is one of the greenest ways to travel? If you are traveling with a group of 40 people, it means that you will most likely be using approximately 10 cars. These cars require at least 10 tanks of gas. Tanks for buses may be larger, but you will be using far less fuel for your trip.
  • Let Everyone Drink – Finding a designated driver for a night out on the town is usually hard. Instead of forcing everyone to draw straws, you can let someone else drive by hiring a party bus. We offer our large charter buses, as well as vans and smaller buses for your group.
  • Extra Leg Room – Whether you are traveling on a cramped little plane or in the backseat of a car, there is never enough leg room. You can stretch those gams without a second thought when you are riding in a charter bus. There is plenty of storage on a charter bus, so you will not have to worry about storing your bags under the seat.

Do you need a dependable charter bus service in Houston? You can count on the team at Texas Bus Lines to help you.