A Modern Fleet Can Meet All of Your Transportation Needs

Regardless of the size of the group you need to transport or your destination, it’s possible to find the right solution if you shop around.

Our team at Republic Charters knows a thing or two about what it takes to move people safely from Point A to Point B. You can see it in the quality of the fleet we’ve assembled. We want to highlight it a bit here so you can know that when you’re in the market for a shuttle bus in Galveston Island, TX, we are a viable and effective option.

Let’s start by looking at the big rigs. We’ve got a 56-passenger motor coach that can safely carry your party over very long distances in comfort and style. We even have a coach with a wheelchair lift so that we can welcome all guests aboard.

Mid-sized groups that require reliable transportation will do well to consider us when they need a shuttle bus in Galveston Island, TX. We have 30-passenger varieties, along with a 22-passenger mini-bus to handle the smaller, yet still significant groups.

For more intimate travel needs, our company proudly also offers vans with capacities of 14, 11, and 10 passengers.

Let the drivers at Republic Charters provide you with a ride next time you are in the area.

Renting a Charter Bus in Galveston Island, TX, for a Family Reunion

Charter Bus in Galveston Island, TXSome gatherings are more than just a fun time. They are a loving and bonding experience. A family reunion is the perfect example of this. When you’re in the planning stages of your family get together, it’s a good idea to take group transportation into account.

Rather than having your family members jumping into several different vehicles to travel from one venue to another, it provides for a much more enjoyable atmosphere if everyone can travel together in one vehicle or two. A charter bus in Galveston Island, TX, is the perfect solution.

At Republic Charters, we have experience in catering to family groups. We’ve put together a few tips you should look for when choosing a bus.

Safety always has to be your first consideration, so make sure you choose a transport company that has a fleet of modern and dependable vehicles.

It would help if you also looked for a company that can provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles so that all members of your party can travel with the group.

Your party may not require a full-fledged 56-passenger motor coach, but a smaller charter bus in Galveston Island, TX, will fit the bill. Look for a company with a range of bus sizes to hire, from smaller vans to mid-sized buses to large coaches.

A Reliable Shuttle Bus for Your Needs

Shuttle Bus in Galveston Island, TXAre you looking for a reliable shuttle bus for your next special event? The team at Texas Bus Lines is here to assist you. For more than 40 years, our business has been helping people in Galveston Island, Webster, and the surrounding communities get to their location in a clean and comfortable bus or van.

Arriving at your location in a timely and safe manner is essential. Our business features drivers that are fully licensed and certified to ensure that you are happy with the services we provide. You can hire a bus or van for any need, such as a family reunion, a bachelor party, a church outing, or a class field trip. We feature large buses that will hold as many as 56 people at a time, as well as smaller buses and vans for your shorter trips.

When you are ready to plan your trip, you can contact us at (800) 640-4826 to request a shuttle bus in Galveston Island, TX, as well as the surrounding communities. For your convenience, we will provide you with a custom quote for your trip. Many people rely on our business when seeking consistent and accessible transportation services that are easy on the wallet.

Why You Should Rent a Party Bus

Party Bus Rental in Webster, TXTake your event to the next level when you hire a party bus. Here are three great reasons to request our services:

  • Have a Drink or Two – One of the most frustrating aspects of going out with your friends is you know that you will have to find a way home eventually. You can have a designated driver or you and your friends can go large by hiring a party bus. We will take you to your favorite hot spots, as well as help you get home at the end of the night.
  • Keep the Party Going – How many times have you tried to throw a huge party and had half of your friends leave before the event really gets going? When you have a party bus, you can rest assured that everyone will stick with you throughout the night.
  • Party on the Road – Bar hopping can be lots of fun, but you have to find a taxi or wait for a ride share service to pick you up. When you are partying with a large number of friends, you can keep the party going on the road while on the party bus. You can play your favorite music and even decorate the bus.

Make some memories when you come to Texas Bus Lines for a party bus rental in Webster, TX. Our business is dedicated to providing you with safe and fun transportation services.

The Benefits of Planning at Trip with a Charter Bus – Part 3

Charter Bus Service in HoustonDid you think we were done listing reasons why our charter buses are great? Here is another list of great reasons why you should get a charter bus for your next trip:

  • Travel Green – Did you know that traveling by bus is one of the greenest ways to travel? If you are traveling with a group of 40 people, it means that you will most likely be using approximately 10 cars. These cars require at least 10 tanks of gas. Tanks for buses may be larger, but you will be using far less fuel for your trip.
  • Let Everyone Drink – Finding a designated driver for a night out on the town is usually hard. Instead of forcing everyone to draw straws, you can let someone else drive by hiring a party bus. We offer our large charter buses, as well as vans and smaller buses for your group.
  • Extra Leg Room – Whether you are traveling on a cramped little plane or in the backseat of a car, there is never enough leg room. You can stretch those gams without a second thought when you are riding in a charter bus. There is plenty of storage on a charter bus, so you will not have to worry about storing your bags under the seat.

Do you need a dependable charter bus service in Houston? You can count on the team at Texas Bus Lines to help you.

The Benefits of Planning at Trip with a Charter Bus – Part 2

Houston Charter Bus CompanyMake your next trip with family members, church group, or club simple with a charter bus. We have put together another list of reasons why you should hire our Houston charter bus company:

  • No Security Checks – When you travel by plane during busy travel seasons, you have to worry about long waits in security lines. Stop wasting hours standing around with your family, club, or other group and hire a bus to take you out of town. You can take a full bottle of shampoo when you travel on a charter bus.
  • Safe Form of Travel – Statistically speaking, traveling by charter bus is one of the safest methods of transportation out there. We employ talented and alert drivers who are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient services.
  • An Affordable Option – When you start to do the math, traveling with multiple vehicles can be incredibly expensive. You have to worry about gas, wear and tear, tires, stopping for food, and tolls. When you hire a charter bus, all of the fees are included in your price. All you have to do is pay for it and forget about the small stuff.

Book a charter bus for your next field trip, family reunion, or church group outing from Texas Bus Lines. Since 1960, we have been providing dependable transportation services to people throughout the community.

The Benefits of Planning at Trip with a Charter Bus – Part 1

Charter Bus Rental in HoustonPlan a fun trip with a large group when you select a bus from Texas Bus Lines. We have put together a list of reasons why you should hire us:

  • Arrive Together – If you are traveling with your family members, you can rent a charter bus and will be able to arrive at any location at the same time. This option is perfect for weddings, family reunions, and other events where it is essential that everyone arrive on time.
  • Be Comfortable – Forcing your entire family into a caravan of small cars is frustrating. The seats are cramped and no one is comfortable. Instead of forcing someone to sit in the middle seat in the back of a small sedan, you can provide everyone with nice seats, as well as televisions and DVD players.
  • Let Someone Else Drive – Stay safe and let the stress roll away when you have someone else driving you to your event. We feature talented drivers who are always safe and know where they are going at all times. All you have to do is sit down, put on your headphones, and enjoy the scenery.

Contact us today at (800) 640-4826 for more information about our business. For more than 50 years, our business has been the company to call when you need a charter bus rental in Houston.

Take a Charter Bus to the Airport

Charter Bus Rental in HoustonTraveling in large groups can be very hectic. Get you and your large family to and from the airport when you choose a rental bus from our business. Here are some of the benefits of renting a van or bus with us:

  • Stay Safe – Traveling to and from the airport can be very stressful for everyone involved. Instead of trying to corral your entire family into a bus and pulling your hair out, you can get everyone on to one of our vans or coaches and let us worry about the rest of the details.
  • No Extra Fees – You may think that hiring a bus or van seems like a pricey idea, but leaving your vehicle at the airport can be incredibly expensive. When you hire a van or bus from our business to drop you off or pick you up, you will arrive in comfort at the front door and leave the same way without having to worry about any airport fees.
  • An Eco-Friendly Option – Are you concerned with your carbon footprint? Traveling together in a van or bus to the airport is most undoubtedly friendly to the environment. Traveling with us ensures that you are not riding in multiple cars. In fact, our 56-passenger motor coach can effectively take 56 cars off the road at one time.

Plan your trip the right way with help Texas Bus Lines. When you choose us for a charter bus rental in Houston, you can rest assured that you will arrive at the airport promptly.

Plan Fun Family Outings

Houston Charter Bus CompanyDo you have a large family? Are you planning a family reunion? Keep everyone together and ensure they have safe transportation with help from the team at Texas Bus Lines. Our business features exceptional buses and vans that are perfect for any family event.

If you, your significant other, your children, and anyone else in the family is planning a small outing, you can get to your location in comfort with one of our passenger vans. We offer 10- and 14-passenger van options on large vehicles that are comfortable for all people. If you have a larger extended family with cousins, grandchildren, aunts, and uncles, you can request a 22- or 30-passenger minibus. These large, comfortable buses fit everyone and feature a variety of wonderful amenities. Are you bring everyone in the extended family to a special event? A 56-passenger motor coach bus may be the option for you. These buses feature a wheelchair ramp, so you can ensure that every single family member can ride with you.

Count on the team at Texas Bus Lines for great rental vans and buses for your next family event. Our Houston charter bus company is available to provide you and your family with a safe and comfortable ride.

Items to Take on a Charter Bus Trip

Charter Bus Service in HoustonBefore you hit the road on your next trip in the charter bus, you need to make sure you are prepared. We have put together a list of great items to take with you:

  • Electronic Devices with Headphones – Laptops, portable DVD players, tablets, and MP3 players are perfect for those long charter bus trips. Make sure you bring a pair of good noise-canceling headphones, as well as travel charging devices or batteries to ensure your electronics do not stop working halfway through your trip.
  • Inoffensive Snacks – Taking a few snacks for your long trip is a great idea, but you should make sure that you are not bringing offensive snacks that will offend other people on the bus. We recommend pretzels, small packages of cookies, and other simple foods.
  • Sleeping Gear – Depending on the length of your trip, you may want something to help you snooze. A nice blanket is perfect for those trips where it gets cold, as well as small neck pillows and eye masks to keep out the ambient light if you are traveling in the evening.

Prepare for your next school, church, or family reunion trip when you request a charter bus service in Houston from Texas Bus Lines. We feature a dedicated staff who will help you make your trip fantastic.